We've Got Axes

Take one of these bad boys in hand and show them how it's done! Our axes are the height of fashion and fun. And if you're feeling especially bold, ask about "big axes."


We've Got Knives

What's not awesome about chucking a black shard of steel like some kind of ninja? Our 12" throwing knives are just what you need to get your juices going (in a good way)!


We've Got Action

This is your chance to do something you will be talking about for years to come. There is just nothing more satisfying than the "thunk" that comes from a solid stick. You need to try this.

It's Like Darts...But Awesome

Anything you could do with a dart, you can do with an axe or a knife and look way cooler doing it.

And the satisfying "thunk" that comes with a good throw is so much more cathartic and life-affirming than anything a puny dart can give you.

This is the real deal and no one walks away from their time flipping steel without a smile on their face.



Find out how we can help YOUR event be more AWESOME

Let us know what you're planning and we'll work to help your event be something folks will be talking about for years to come.